It’s official-update 3

Posted: 15 September 2009 in Uncategorized
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fighting irish

Today’s Observer published 2 statements from ND students—one a 2009 alumnus, the other a current senior—in which they challenge the University to rescind its decision to close the Department of Economics & Policy Studies.

According to Sean Mallin, in a column titled “Bleak future for ND econ,”

The students of Notre Dame will suffer an incredible loss if the administration goes forward with their plan to close the Department of Economics and Policy Studies. We currently have something our peer universities lack: an economics program that is concerned with social justice, human dignity, and theoretical openness. It is a focus that sets us apart from the narrow mainstream and reflects the wider commitments of this university – best exemplified by Fr. Theodore Hesburgh – to academic freedom and the Catholic Social Tradition.

For Matthew Panhans, in a letter titled “An economics sell-out,”

If the department of Economics and Policy Studies is disbanded. . ., and those economists are not allowed to join the Department of Economics, the University is saying that they do not consider pluralism a legitimate voice in economics. Their pursuit for high rankings takes precedence over everything, even if it means sacrificing Notre Dame’s commitment to social justice. I deeply value my education in economics at Notre Dame, one that included critical thinking in the tradition of the liberal arts alongside mathematical rigor. My concern is that future students of economics will not find any room for compassion or understanding in their economics curriculum. Undermining pluralism in economics is for Notre Dame to betray its most precious beliefs.

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