It’s official-update 5

Posted: 18 September 2009 in Uncategorized
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A group of ND students (current students and recent alumni) have launched a petition “to save and strengthen a liberal arts economics education at Notre Dame.”

The petition reads, in part, as follows:

We – the undersigned students, alumni, faculty, and supporters of a liberal arts economics education – oppose the decision to close the Department of Economics and Policy Studies and call for a strengthening of the liberal arts approach to economics education at Notre Dame.

You will find the full text of the petition here.


The petition was launched 2 nights ago (late Friday night) and already more than one hundred people—from Notre Dame and around the world, in different disciplines, both students and faculty—have signed.

For reasons I don’t understand, the comment I wanted appended to my own signature didn’t appear. Here’s what I wrote:

I couldn’t be more proud of the students—both current and alumni—who composed this petition. They care about the education they’ve received, and about the education their fellow students will have in the future. In this sense, they represent the best of the University of Notre Dame. These students should be respected, not patronized; and their demands should be taken seriously, not ignored.


500 signatures and counting on Tuesday evening, 22 September. What an outpouring of support for the students’ demands!

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