It’s official-update 6

Posted: 23 September 2009 in Uncategorized
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Teresa Ghilarducci, the Director of the Schwartz Center for Economic Policy Analysis and a former colleague at Notre Dame, has contributed a terrific Brainstorm essay on the Chronicle of Higher Education web site. In “Neoclassical Economists on the Ropes (Except at Notre Dame),” she explains that neoclassical economics is being called into question—thus forcing mainstream economists to nervously shift in their old office chairs.

The solution?

Economists need to be broader, more self-critical, deeply knowledgeable about economic institutions. This is why it’s dumbfounding that the University of Notre Dame created an economics department filled — by intent! — of only neoclassical economists and banned their Ph.D. economists who are policy-oriented and non-orthodox from the department.

And her recommendation?

Here is a modest recommendation for this aspiring top-tier university: Put all the economists it hired for the economics department in an economics department and let ideas interact. After all that is what universities do and what economic thinking and economic regulation needs.

Finally, as of this evening, over 750 people have signed the ND student petition. Extraordinary! If you haven’t yet expressed your support, or if you want to forward it to others, here’s the petition.


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