Culture of wealth

Posted: 18 October 2010 in Uncategorized
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Apparently, now that the rate and number of poor people are at a 15-year high, scholars are returning to the idea of culture to explain the persistence and growth of poverty.

Perhaps I can suggest an alternative research agenda: the “culture of wealth.” Scholars might decide to put aside the idea of structural factors (like capitalist inequality, racism, and lack of real work) and instead focus on the cultural roots of problems like the “wealth trap” (how wealthy families stay wealthy), “moral cynicism” (believing that “laws were made to be broken”), and weak community ties (which allow the rich to do whatever is necessary to accumulate and protect their fortunes, and make decisions that bring the world economy to its knees, without regard to the consequences for others in society).

Such a research agenda might be seen as “politically incorrect” but, that’s OK, because we now have a “new generation of scholars without the baggage” of the previous lack of attention to the “culture of wealth.”

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