Ruins of capitalism—Detroit edition

Posted: 27 January 2011 in Uncategorized
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from The Ruins of Detroit – English Edition by Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre

Ruins are the visible symbols and landmarks of our societies and their changes, small pieces of history in suspension. The state of ruin is temporary by nature, the volatile result of the end of an era and the fall of empires. This fragility, the time elapsed but even so running fast, lead us to watch them one very last time: being dismayed, or admiring, wondering about the permanence of things. Photography appeared to us as a modest way to keep a little bit of this ephemeral state.

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  3. Joe says:

    Ruins of Capitalism? Get your facts straight. There was NOTHING in Detroit that utilized a Capitalist mentality or practice that lead to it’s demise. Do some research on the facts.

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