Spinng art at Davos

Posted: 29 January 2011 in Uncategorized
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At Davos, Damien Hirst has been helping members of the elite do their own spin paintings, while Ukrainian billionaire Victor Pinchuk sponsored a session of artists and art philanthropists and curators on the theme of “ModernARTization: Art and Philanthropy Changing Societies

Michelle Vaughan [ht: ja], for one, was not impressed:

I walked away with the impression that the rich were patting themselves on the back, and used a few rich artists (whom the organizers actually helped to make rich) to create a dog and pony show featuring art philanthropy without providing any new realizations on how it could transform society for the future.

The same might be written about the all the events going on at Davos, including the Economic Forum. The fact is, the rulers of the world who meet there may not provide any new realizations but they do create their share of dog-and-pony shows whereby they pat themselves on the back and solidify their role in ruling the world.

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