Chart of the day

Posted: 6 January 2012 in Uncategorized
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Kevin Drum has collected charts showing all the Republican tax plans to date in one convenient graphic.

It’s really pretty spectacular seeing them all together like this. It’s not just the amount of pandering to the super-rich that’s so breathtaking, it’s the lockstep unanimity. At all costs, every single Republican candidate knows that he has to promise the ultra-wealthy a huge tax break as the price of staying in the race. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the modern Republican Party in a nutshell.

The Tax Policy Center recently released its formal analysis of Mitt Romney’s tax plan (which is discussed by Linda Beale) and provided a preliminary analysis of the tax agenda of flavor-of-the-day Rick Santorum.

We all know what the Republican tax policy looks like. The real question is, what’s their agenda for the pretax U.S. economy, where the real inequalities in the distribution of income and wealth are generated?

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