It’s Einstein stupid

Posted: 10 February 2012 in Uncategorized
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PRINCETON, NJ—A new biography by science historian Tanya Medel has rocked the physics world with the revelation that theoretical physicist Albert Einstein wasn’t smart enough to invent Microsoft Word and use it to devise his theory of relativity. “The name Einstein has become synonymous with intelligence, but as I researched my book, it became clear he was incapable of devising a simple word-processing program with which to type up his findings,” Medel said Thursday of the physicist whose work revolutionized science and fundamentally changed the way people think about space and time. “He had to scrawl everything out by hand, like some dumbo. It’s a wonder people could even make heads or tails out of it without simple bullet points and auto-numbering.” Medel also revealed that the famous photo of Einstein with his tongue sticking out was not a pose made for the sake of humor, but was instead the way he looked all the time because he was just that stupid.

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  1. John M says:

    Why do you find this worth sharing?

    • David F. Ruccio says:

      If you must know, because I hate discourses of smart and stupid people (such as are rampant in economics), and because in the middle of this mess sometimes it’s necessary to laugh (and this made me chuckle). OK?

  2. […] warning to readers: from time to time, I post things from The Onion (such as here). You should not take them literally, as apparently many users of Facebook do. Share […]

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