Protest of the day

Posted: 24 February 2012 in Uncategorized
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Workers at a window factory in Chicago—the same factory workers occupied in 2008 when Republic Windows & Doors tried to close it—ended a sit-in early this morning after the company agreed to keep the plant open for 90 days.

“We are committed to finding a new buyer for the plant or if we can, buy the place ourselves and run it.  Either way, we are hopeful,” Armando Robles, president of UE Local 1110, said in a statement.

About 65 workers locked themselves inside the cafeteria Thursday afternoon after being told that Serious Energy was closing the plant and consolidating operations in Colorado and Pennsylvania.

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  1. […] factory in Chicago—first in 2008 (when it was Republic Windows & Doors), and then again this year (when the factory was owned by Serious Energy—have now formed their own worker-run cooperative: […]

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