“Only revolt can recompense for the humiliation of the oppressed”

Posted: 31 March 2012 in Uncategorized
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translation: "We're not numbers or sheep"

Portugal’s National Health Service is on the chopping block, as new austerity measures are imposed.

Here’s one reaction:

No one is more devoted to the NHS than Antonio Arnaut, a lawyer who set up the system when he was minister of social services.

“Today, everyone is equal when it comes to disease. Health is a right, not a privilege of those who can pay, as it used to be and is still the case in the United States, for example,” he said in an interview in his office in Coimbra, a university town north of Lisbon.

A founding member of Portugal’s Socialist Party, which is now in opposition, Arnaut is not against private health insurance and acknowledges there is a lot of scope to reduce waste. But he says the debate is less about financing and more about the political will to preserve what has become, in his eyes, a fundamental right.

“If the government cuts so much that the NHS loses its character, there’ll be a popular revolt, because only revolt can recompense for the humiliation of the oppressed,” Arnaut, who is also a poet and essayist, said.


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