Beyond neoliberalism in Mexico

Posted: 23 April 2012 in Uncategorized
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Is there a future beyond neoliberalism in Mexico?

In the second part of his critique of Enrique Semo’s analysis of neoliberalism in Mexico (I wrote about the first part here), Adam David Morton suggests that is both necessary and possible to “go beyond modifying the functions of capitalism.”

As the backbone of my book [Revolution and State in Modern Mexico: The Political Economy of Uneven Development] on Mexico attests, radical social movements propelling new cycles of class struggle are at the forefront of urban and rural resistance contesting state power in Mexico and Latin America. Yet little attention is cast to these forms of class struggle in Semo’s synopsis. A resulting perilous oversight is that the radical populism of leftist governments in Mexico and Latin America might actually result in new restorative strategies of passive revolution rather than the creation of non-capitalism or socialism.

It is, therefore, to creating new ways out of the historical structure of passive revolution by conceiving and putting into practice anti-capitalist social organisations in concrete sites and spaces of struggle that attention should now turn.

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