The editor, the crisis manager, the sherpa, the banker, the networker, and their protestor

Posted: 21 June 2012 in Uncategorized
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Reuters [pdf] profiles a series of key players who, supposedly, hold the future of the continent in their hands.

They are the editor (Nikolas Blome, chief political correspondent and deputy editor of Bild), the crisis manager (Joerg Asmussen, European Central Bank Executive Board member), the sherpa (Antonio Cabral, senior adviser and chief diplomatic envoy to Commission President José Manuel Barroso), the banker (Douglas Flint, the chairman of the Institute of International Finance), the networker (Jens Weidmann, new President of the Bundesbank), and their protestor (Ivan Ayala, a member of the Indignados movement).

Their failure means that the fate of Europe will fall in the hands of all those who, like Ayala, have been left out of the process of finding a real solution to the crisis.

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