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Posted: 29 March 2013 in Uncategorized
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median income

In the United States, median annual household income in February 2013 was $51,404, about 1.1 percent (or $590) lower than the January 2013 level of $51,994.

As Catherine Rampell explains,

February’s median annual household income was 5.6 percent lower than it was in June 2009, the month the recovery technically began; 7.3 percent lower than in December 2007, when the most recent recession officially started; and 8.4 percent lower than in January 2000, the earliest date that this statistical series became available.

And we call this a recovery and not the Second Great Depression why?

  1. […] median household incomes in the United States have fallen since the economic recovery began (down almost 6 percent […]

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