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The next few days are travel and conference days. No posting, then, until I return. . .

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Thousands of Bangladeshi garment factory workers have protested in the capital, Dhaka, over the death of about 200 workers in a garment-manufacturing building collapse.


The death toll in the Rana Plaza has risen to at least 238 and many others remain unaccounted for. More than 1,000 of the 2,500 workers were injured, with many of them still trapped.

Labor activists combed the wreckage on Wednesday afternoon and discovered labels and production records suggesting that the factories were producing garments for major European and American brands. Labels were discovered for the Spanish brand Mango, and for the low-cost British chain Primark.

Activists said the factories also had produced clothing for Walmart, the Dutch retailer C & A, Benetton and Cato Fashions, according to customs records, factory Web sites and documents discovered in the collapsed building.


Mainstream economists often complain the public doesn’t listen to them. The rest of should complain that, sometimes, as in the case of Reinhart-Rogoff, members of the public (including Harvard colleague Niall Ferguson, at the 1m20s mark) actually do. . .