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Posted: 17 May 2014 in Uncategorized


Stephen Ziliak recently hosted a novel renga competition. A renga is a spontaneous, collaboratively written, linked haiku poem with stanzas and links conventionally arranged in 5-7-5-7-7 syllabic order. The winning renga, “Capitalistic Crisis,” was composed by a team of five students in 45 minutes.

Capitalistic Crisis: Renganomics

An economic system
Where the rich stay rich!

With all the competition
Free markets cannot be free

The monopolies
Made from the nation’s wealth
Microsoft systems

Today, look to the small man
He is struggling for money

The United States
And the debt crisis we face
Are ruining us.

But how can we get ahead?
World still has promise today

Economic growth
Includes major bull markets
A nationwide “BOOM”

Boom grows the walls on Wall Street
Obama’s vision is clear

Speaking politics
Our system of freedoms is

But sometimes our world crumbles
Will we be like Spain & Greece?

A ballooning debt
Causes a system downgrade
For a bleak future

Is the government guilty?
We must always look forward?

Ballooning debt and
Economic destruction-
Trump’s scary vision

History repeats itself
This time it could be much worse

The government lies
It stands and watches us fall
Love the way you lie

Keeping up with the Jones’s!
That is our way of life here

Goods are never free
In opportunity cost
All things have a price

It’s about the stacks of cash
Money makes the world go round

Up prosperity
It’s what we all want to do
Why wait another minute?

Times like this help us to grow
Help us predict the unknown

We’ve seen it before
We all know it has wrecked us-
The Great Recession

We are still underwater
How can we all stay afloat?

Swimming in our debt
We are prisoners to it-
Daily foreclosures

Wrong result repeats itself
Are we not builders?

Learning from mistakes?
We are destined to do this
Thank you, Obama.

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