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Posted: 8 January 2015 in Uncategorized
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  1. BRF says:

    I think it may be a little early to be laying blame without evidence in the Charlie Hebbo event. I would give even odds on this attack being either an act by extremists, an act by the French “deep state”, or an act of warning (of foreign design) to the French political class not to boldly cross Empire’s implicit policies regarding granting nationhood for Palestine or the ending of sanctions against Russia with the implementation of a peace plan for the Ukraine as the French U.N. delegation did and as did Hollande in a public speech. All are equally possible in my books with why Hebbo becoming the target not as yet fully understood.

  2. BRF says:

    addendum: The downfall of Strauss Kahn to head up the IMF can be attributed to a speech he gave to the Council on Foreign Relations I believe in which he blasted the financial policies of the western plutocracy as unhinged from reality. Next thing, before he even left town, he was in handcuffs under accusation of committing a sexual assault, later dropped but not before his career was finished. The Empire tends to act very quickly so that meanings are clearly understood. The French political class in modern times tends to act independently in a Charles DeGaulle fashion instead of knowing its place in the order of things especially as the western oligarchy struggles to maintain Empire in the face of a full challenge to it’s dominance and the very institutions of it’s dominance. In the recent past a French bank,BNP Paribas openly challenged the Empire by swapping American Treasuries to source gold headed for Russia, China and perhaps other allied nations worth in the billions, as was the fine. The Empire was greatly displeased and is still trying the fold Paribas into another bank they have better control of. Anyway Hollande’s political career is now over.

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