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Posted: 10 June 2015 in Uncategorized
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Over the last seven years, Milos Bicanski, an Athens-based photographer, has watched a country that called him away from his native Serbia descend deeper and deeper into a crisis created by a long series of austerity measures.

As Greece’s economic situation has become more tenuous, Bicanski says he’s witnessed a shift in his fellow countrymen. While Greeks once protested — sometimes violently — against their government’s handling of the crisis, now they seem resigned to eking out an existence.

“In the beginning, people still had some money left, still had jobs — unemployment was rising, but there was hope that the situation could be turned around,” Bicanski says. “But the gap between the rich and poor has only grown, with the number of people living under the poverty line increasing drastically. There’s no middle class anymore.”


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