Our jobs are literally killing us

Posted: 4 November 2015 in Uncategorized
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While we’re on the topic of capitalism and mortality, there’s another new study, discussed by Ana Swanson, that shows are jobs are literally killing us.

The data show that people with less education are much more likely to end up in jobs with more unhealthy workplace practices that cut down on one’s life span. People with the highest educational attainment were less affected by workplace stress than people with the least education, the study says.


Our jobs are killing us—and more of us with harder jobs and fewer years of education—because of long hours and shift work, the lack of health insurance and paid time off, and job insecurity.

If capitalism is creating the kinds of workplace conditions that lower workers’ life expectancy, then perhaps it’s time to create other kinds of jobs, outside of capitalism.

We have years of life to gain.

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