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Posted: 20 November 2015 in Uncategorized
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As Aleks Kajstura and Russ Immarigeon [ht: ja] explain,

Across the globe, the 25 jurisdictions with the highest rates of incarcerating women are all American states. Thailand, at number 26, is the first non-U.S. government to appear on this high-end list, followed closely at number 27 by the Unites States itself. The next 17 jurisdictions are also American states.

Overall, with the exception of Thailand and the U.S. itself, the top 44 jurisdictions throughout the world with the highest rate of incarcerating women are individual American states.

Nearly 30% of the world’s incarcerated women are in the United States, twice the percentage as in China and four times as much as in Russia.

Putting U.S. states in a global context is sobering; even the U.S. states that have comparatively low rates of incarceration far out-incarcerate the majority of the world.

Illinois’ incarceration rate for women is on par with El Salvador, where abortion is illegal and women are routinely jailed for having miscarriages. New Hampshire is on par with Russia, and New York with Rwanda.

Rhode Island, which has the lowest incarceration rate for women in the U.S.would have the 15th highest incarceration rate in the world if it were a country. In other words, only 14 countries (not including the United States) incarcerate women at a higher rate than Rhode Island, the U.S. state that incarcerates women at the lowest rate of imprisonment.

Since the data are missing from the chart, I should explain the U.S. rate as a whole is 127 per 100,000 population, just behind Thailand (130). West Virginia has the highest rate of U.S. states (273).  The rate in Illinois (88) is just ahead of El Salvador (87), while the rate in Rhode Island (39) is higher than Kazakhstan (38).

  1. Ishi Crew says:

    alot of these numbers are due to the ‘offshoring’ of prisoners via private prisons and some government ones—people are shipped out of state to serve their terms, and are also counted as part of that state’s voting population for redistricting, evne if they can’t vote–leads to redder states. (esp true for w va which i am familiar with—they have a special women’s prison there, which has many people from dc, and also solicits for people to work there essentially for free in exchange for room and board and some time off. it is in a beautiful area and i’ve considered doing it).

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