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  1. BRF says:

    Pleezze not the 97% which has been thoroughly disproved….Climate science as she exists is coming increasingly under question and rightly so. Many former scientists in the “alarmist” camp are now bravely challenging the group think around the IPCC take on climate science as inaccurate at best and in total error in its solely anthropogenic CO2 catastrophic warming theory. The empirical simply cannot coexist with the theory. The planet has not warmed at all for the last 18 years 9 months. Over the last 150 years, and the exponential population and carbon fuel use growth, the estimated temperature increase is .8 degrees C, with a .46 degree C margin of error or what scientists are wont to call in effect a zero degree C event. The “alarmist” are looking for the missing heat energies everywhere. Is it in the oceans? They botched the data collection there and will have to do that science over again, this by the “alarmists” own admission. Is it under ground? Under Al Gore’s bed? Perhaps it is as James Lovelock of Gaia theory fame (which I like very much) says that climate science and its modeling are incorrect and science really has not discovered very much on how climate actually operates on planet Earth.

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