Annual report

Posted: 29 December 2015 in Uncategorized


Once again, WordPress has crunched the year-end numbers on my blog. Here’s what it reports:

This blog has been viewed 114,265 times thus far this year.

As it turns out, I wrote 861 new posts this year, growing the total archive of this blog to 6,696 posts.

Here are the posts that apparently got the most views in 2015:

1. It’s the class conflict, stupid! (

2. Chart of the day (

3. Falling down (

4. Capital (gains) vs. labor (income) (

5. Human capital controversy (

This blog had visitors from 173 different countries—mostly from the United States, followed by Germany and the United Kingdom.

All in a year’s work. . .


I also want to thank the folks at the Real-World Economics Review Blog for reposting some of the items that originally appear here, thus expanding the conversation.

  1. Thank you, David, for your work. I have posted a number of your posts at our Facebook page — the East Side Freedom Library. Take a look. And you can visit our web page — I think you’ll resonate to what we are doing in Minnesota.

    • David F. Ruccio says:

      Thanks, Peter. I’m glad what you find at least some of what I post useful. And you’re clearly doing good work at the East Side Freedom Library. Keep it up!

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