“1% privilege in a time of global inequality”

Posted: 16 January 2016 in Uncategorized
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How do you photography to represent the grotesque levels of inequality in the world today?

According to Becky Little [ht: sm],

When people think of inequality, they often think first of the lives of the world’s poorest people. . .

1% Privilege in a Time of Global Inequality features 50 images from different photographers that show vast class disparities around the world. By mostly showcasing the wealthy, the book responds to previous photo collections that have documented the poor and struggling in an almost idolizing way.

“When we glamorize or hero-ize the bottom one percent, the struggling migrants, in a sense we accept their plight and say that we, in a sense, permit this to continue happening, this economic injustice,” says Myles Little, the book’s editor.

“Instead of turning people like that into icons or heroes,” he continues, “you might say instead that they are victims of a crime—and it’s not them that we should be interrogating, but maybe the people who put them there.”

As for the photo above, by Mitch Epstein,

A store advertises its going-out-of-business sale. “This is another image that, to me, speaks about the pressures of the middle class,” Little says. “The sadness of being of a hardworking family who is playing by the rules but who still can’t make it.”


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