We’re all socialists now

Posted: 18 January 2016 in Uncategorized
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OK, maybe not all of us. Not even a majority of us.

But a little-noticed data point in the new Bloomberg Politics/Des Moines Register Iowa poll, in fact, shows that 43 percent of likely voters in the 1 February Democratic caucuses say they would use the word “socialist” to describe themselves.


And to be clear: this question was not whether they would vote for a socialist or sympathize with socialism; it’s whether they consider themselves socialist.

One way of thinking about the Bernie Sanders campaign is in terms of the possibility of dethroning Hillary Clinton, upsetting the party machine, and actually winning the Democratic nomination.

Another way, though, is that Sanders is holding up a mirror to the American electorate, which is showing itself to be very different from the ways it is usually represented. That new self-recognition can be a catalyst not only for Sanders, but also for other socialist political movements in the years ahead.

  1. BRF says:

    they forgot a category….easily deluded

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