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Posted: 9 February 2016 in Uncategorized
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British football (i.e., soccer) fans are plotting a mass stadium walkout in protest over rising ticket prices.

The decision by around 10,000 fans to stage a 77th-minute walkout of the Liverpool-Sunderland game was the clearest indication yet that vast numbers of supporters have been driven to breaking point over the failure of teams to share some of their new £8.3 billion television contract, a windfall set to widen the gulf between those within the game and those who pay to follow it.

The protest on Saturday forced Liverpool’s owners to revisit their pricing policy for next season and came in the same week as an online backlash forced Arsenal to scrap a season-ticket surcharge, both of which emboldened campaigners against the rising cost of attending matches to crank up the pressure on other clubs.

A meeting of supporters groups was planned last night for the end of this week or the beginning of next week at which a number of options will be discussed, one being the viability of a mass walkout.

  1. Ctesias62 says:

    The English Premier League is a nice analogy for Thatcher’s UK. Ie corrupted by Rupert Murdoch’s cash and inhabited by some gruesome characters as a result*. It also impoverished the pro/semi pro clubs in lower leagues that would identify English kids + nurture talents for sale to elite clubs. Elite clubs buy foreign talent + “best league in world” is incapable of producing a successful World Cup team for 50yrs !
    * Glazer Family & Man Utd leveraged buyout. Alisher Usmanov Arsenal shareholder. Superagents Kia Joorabchian & Pini Zahavi

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