Turkey’s numbers

Posted: 19 July 2016 in Uncategorized
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As regular readers know, I spend a lot of time on this blog producing numbers and trying to represent, make sense of, and explain other people’s numbers.

But I simply can’t keep track of the numbers currently coming out of Turkey after last week’s attempted coup.

The latest: more than 15,000 education staff in Turkey [ht: ja] have been suspended. The High Education board has also ordered the resignation of over 1,500 deans at state and private universities nationwide.

That’s on top of the following groups that have been detained or dismissed:

  • 6,000 members of the military
  • almost 9,000 police officers
  • as many as 3,000 judges
  • 30 governors
  • one-third of all generals and admirals

According to Bloomberg,

That brings the total of those suspended, fired, removed from jobs or stripped of professional accreditation to 59,628.

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