Trump and liberalism of the rich

Posted: 9 November 2016 in Uncategorized
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The Guardian reports that “white and wealthy voters gave victory to Donald Trump.”

Of the one in three Americans who earn less than $50,000 a year, a majority voted for Clinton. A majority of those who earn more backed Trump.

Yes, that’s right, according to the CNN exit polls (as in the top chart above). Both parties received majority support from their traditional income bases.

But, in comparison to 2012 (in the bottom chart, also from CNN), the movement was in the opposite direction: Clinton lost considerable support from low-income voters (from Obama’s 60 to her 52 percent) and didn’t gain enough from higher-income voters (up from 45 percent in 2012 to 47 percent in 2016) in order to defeat Trump.

In the end, as Thomas Frank has explained, American liberals are the ones who put Trump in the White House:

The American white-collar class just spent the year rallying around a super-competent professional (who really wasn’t all that competent) and either insulting or silencing everyone who didn’t accept their assessment. And then they lost. Maybe it’s time to consider whether there’s something about shrill self-righteousness, shouted from a position of high social status, that turns people away.

The even larger problem is that there is a kind of chronic complacency that has been rotting American liberalism for years, a hubris that tells Democrats they need do nothing different, they need deliver nothing really to anyone – except their friends on the Google jet and those nice people at Goldman. The rest of us are treated as though we have nowhere else to go and no role to play except to vote enthusiastically on the grounds that these Democrats are the “last thing standing” between us and the end of the world. It is a liberalism of the rich, it has failed the middle class, and now it has failed on its own terms of electability. Enough with these comfortable Democrats and their cozy Washington system. Enough with Clintonism and its prideful air of professional-class virtue. Enough!

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