It’s alive!

Posted: 29 March 2017 in Uncategorized
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  1. antireifier says:

    Guess they expect only libraries to acquire this at that price. Even with the discount, it is expensive.

    • David F. Ruccio says:

      Yep! Unfortunately, you’re right. These days, only university presses are producing affordable books. The rest go into academic libraries, to which only some have access. It’s a real problem. Readers will find some of the text for free on Amazon.

  2. David F. Ruccio says:

    How do you know until you’ve read it? 😉

  3. Jonathan Mark Hoskins says:

    It is a pity that the book is a 140.8 dollars which in South African currency would cost 1830.40 ZAR at an exchange rate presently of 1 dollar to 13 ZAR . Which is quite pricey for a South African.

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