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Posted: 1 May 2017 in Uncategorized
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  1. mjlovas says:

    While we are reflecting upon the nature of work, I would like to comment on the fact that in my precarious work life, the Internet has meant that I can enjoy all the joys I used to enjoy once a year at tax time any day of the year. The sort of electronic reports I am compelled to fill out are the electronic equivalent of filling out idiotic forms — a mindless job that saps one’ s creativity. And in my own case, this is unpaid work, additional to my official work. Thus has the Internet NOT meant progress.

    Moreover, any hint of a complaint is met with the remark that what is being demanded is not difficult— as if it took no time and no effort! it is not ” difficult” — a true non- sequitur. It is not physically demanding, and no individual act of reporting ones activities is strenuous, but the cumulative effect of such “easy” tasks, in their real form– not as isolated one-offs, but as an assembly of individually ” easy” tasks, becomes annoying, draining, and robs a person of their time– classic unpaid labor in electronic form.

    My tablet is my prison.

  2. mjlovas says:

    Had I more time, I would detail the ways in which my second employer pushes the costs of her business onto employees, and the local public university. (eg, we make fotocopies on the machine of the university for lessons we teach for her.) Moreover, there is invisible unpaid work — invisible to her because she makes demands upon my time, but does not include it in my ” time sheet”.

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