Posts of the year I

Posted: 4 January 2018 in Uncategorized
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René Magritte, “Forbidden Literature (The Use of the Word)” (1936)

Some of the posts I most enjoyed writing do not appear on the list of the ones that received the most views last year.

Here is a sample of my favorites from the first half of 2017:

Indignity of not-work?

Makers vs. takers?

College and the American Dream

Economism—or vulgar economics

Beyond Trump and free trade

Lies, damn lies, and statistics

Robots don’t kill workers, do they?

What about that pie?

Economists as plumbers?

Make GDP great again

“In this interregnum morbid phenomena of the most varied kind come to pass”

Populism and mainstream economics

Look, Ma, no competition

Changing the story to hide the problem

Tale of two depressions

Dual economies and the vanishing middle-class

Original sin?

America’s killing fields

Essays in persuasion

Unsettling the binaries—of economics and war

Left behind

Income and wealth—the top and the very top

Conspicuous productivity

“Forward without forgetting”

End of Second Great Depression

Platform capitalism?

Hiding the surplus

The internet of things appears, at first sight, a very trivial thing, and easily understood

American myth

Bread and roses

What do unions do?

This is the end—or is it?

Rocking the boat

Technology, employment, and distribution

Inequality and climate change

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