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Posted: 14 January 2021 in Uncategorized
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I am pleased to announce that my entry on “capitalism” has been included in the print version of the third edition of Keywords for American Cultural Studies, edited by Bruce Burgett and Glenn Hendler.

The new essay is a revised version of the entry that appeared in the second and first editions of their keywords collection.

  1. Antonio callari says:


  2. intraverse1 says:

    Here’s hoping your work covers at least these TYPES OF CAPITALISM:

    MARKET CAPITALISM (aka Laissez-Faire Capitalism). Trading goods and services on the open market with low civic involvement and minimal or no regulation.
    o Focus on short-term profit-maximization, rather than long-range investments, due to big financial risks and uncertainties. Prominent example: General Motors.
    o Economic goals, rather than social values or concerns.
    REGULATED CAPITALISM. Government exercises some rules and requirements, such as Brazil’s restricting deforestation for overall environmental benefit, rather than allowing unlimited clearing for cattle-raising. Other examples include the Securities and Exchange and Federal Communications Commissions to exercise trading rules for overall systemic integrity and trust.
    CIVIC CAPITALISM. Pool economic resources, through government, to channel investments into private enterprise for the benefit of all, not simply most.
    o Stimulate and raise productivity of civically-targeted economic, environmental, and citizen-empowering activities. Example: Solar energy in Germany.
    o Supply-side investments in the private sector for production, environmental, and empowering goals that benefit all citizens together.
    o Focus on long-range infrastructure, education, environmental and health enhancements, rather than short-term economic gains. Example: U.S. NSF grants.
    o Government empowerment of people to benefit society as a whole. Example: U.S. DOE and health research grants.
    o Channel resources to benefit and team with private enterprise. Sharply opposes government ownership and socialism.

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