Blogging Marxism

Posted: 9 September 2021 in Uncategorized

As regular readers know, I’ve been attempting to use, revise, and extend the Marxian critique of political economy in blog format for over a decade now. I am pleased to announce that the journal Rethinking Marxism has just published a symposium that is focused on this blog.

The entire symposium is available on the Taylor & Francis web site (unfortunately, behind a paywall). However, I appreciate the fact that the editors have arranged with Taylor & Francis to make the conversation that opens the symposium available via open access.

I want to publicly thank Kenan Erçel for arranging the symposium and, especially, for initiating a scintillating conversation about the blog. It gave me the opportunity both to explain and to think in new ways about what I have been up to on the blog since 2009. I also want to express my gratitude to the other participants in the symposium (John Infranca, Dwight B. Billings, Bruce Roberts, Sean Mallin, and Richard Wolff) for their generous comments, the current coeditors of Rethinking Marxism (Yahya Madra and Vincent Lyon-Callo) for pursuing this first engagement with a blog in the pages of the journal, and two others (Jack Amariglio and Lisa Markowitz) for working behind the scenes to make the symposium happen.

I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation. I hope readers do, too.

  1. […] year, she wrote a response to my blog, which for a variety of reasons could not be included in the symposium that appeared in Rethinking Marxism. However, I am pleased to publish it here as a guest […]

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