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Will colleges and universities reopen in the fall? That’s the question on the minds of many these days—administrators, faculty, staff, students, and their families, not to mention the communities in which they live. All institutions of higher education (in the United States and in much of the rest of the world) had a difficult spring, […]

Academic freedom is under assault within the new corporate university. No, the problem is not the much-publicized kerfuffle surrounding recent talks by Charles Murray and other right-wing speakers on U.S. college campuses. That’s what students do: they try to be provocative. Small conservative student groups, emboldened by Donald Trump’s victory and with financing from off-campus […]

A recent report from the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland shines a light on the changing makeup of employees in the new corporate university. It shows, for example, that the percentage of employees who are faculty members has been in consistent decline since 1987 (and is now below 60 percent), while the percentage of the part-time employees […]

The “drown the bunnies” scandal at Mount St. Mary’s University has opened a debate about the growing role of college and university presidents who come from outside the academy, especially the business world.* The problem is, only one participant in the debate, Shelly Weiss Storbeck, even raised the issue of governance. As I see it, the […]

The idea of the university continues to be undermined by the rise of the new corporate university. And one of the most dangerous trends is the increasing emphasis on entrepreneurship. Faculty members are now supposed to be entrepreneurial—by coming up with products and procedures that can be patented or, for scholars who don’t produce anything […]

The dramatic firing of University of Virginia President Teresa Sullivan raises many questions about the rise of the new corporate university. It raises questions about decisionmaking, since the university’s board sought Sullivan’s resignation without a formal meeting or vote, through a campaign waged privately by Rector Helen E. Dragas, Vice Rector Mark Kington, and without […]

It’s hard to keep up with the examples of the selling of education in the new corporate university. Here are two recent ones. The first is from West Virginia University, which according to John David [ht: db] has sold its economics department to the Koch brothers. When I arrived at WVU to study economics, it […]

The growing literature on the rise of the corporate university has culminated in a new academic field: critical university studies. Jeffrey J. Williams [ht: jh] documents the rise of the field and explains the origins of the name: this new wave in higher education looks beyond the confines of particular specializations and takes a resolutely […]

Students are told they need to take an internship in order to land a job after graduation—and often pay for the privilege. Corporations offer them—often without pay. And colleges and universities have taken on the job of finding the appropriate students—and offering them course credit. That’s the latest scam of the new corporate university. Ross […]

The rise of the corporate university has brought with it the ranking of universities. And the internationalization of the corporate university has brought with it the international ranking of universities. Clearly, much depends on these rankings: flows of students (both undergraduate and graduate) and flows of research monies (from the state and private industry), as […]