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We forget, at our peril, the extent to which academic unfreedom is enforced in departments of economics across North America. Most departments of economics offer—in the classroom and in terms of research and policy advice—only mainstream economics. By that I mean they hire economists who only teach, conduct research, and offer policy advice defined by one or […]

The American Association of University Professors voted overwhelmingly Saturday to censure the administration of the University of Southern Maine for the Draconian budget cuts it imposed this past year. Summarizing an earlier report on the ongoing academic shakeup at Southern Maine, Committee A’s censure recommendation accused the university of disregarding both AAUP and its own policies regarding circumstances […]

That, unfortunately, has been the question at the University of Southern Maine for the past two years. Fortunately, after a long series of faculty and student protests against the administration’s attempts to engage in significant “eliminating, retrenching and/or reshaping academic programs” at the university, the American Association of University Professors has delivered a forceful rebuke […]

Students and faculty continue to protest the layoffs and budget cuts at the University of Southern Maine. You can read and sign a petition [ht: ja] supporting them here. The American Association of University Professors has urged the university administration to rescind the notices of termination that have been issued. More recently, the Association’s executive director […]

  Many of us, college and university professors, would like to see our students take a more active role in their education. That’s because students are not consumers; they produce their own education in a collaborative manner with their professors and their fellow students. That’s the only way higher education can work. Well, students at […]

  This past Wednesday, faculty and students protested budget cuts and layoffs at University of Southern Maine, calling the reductions an attack on the university and on Maine’s economy. Layoffs occurred in multiple departments including computer science and economics, the Maine Education Association reported, spurring a press conference on the Portland campus Wednesday. Paul Christiansen, […]

President David Flanagan and Provost Joseph McDonnell of the University of Southern Maine began yesterday to impose the Draconian budget cuts, including faculty and staff layoffs, they had been threatening for weeks. Twenty-five faculty members have taken an enhanced retirement package, and the remaining 25 people will be laid off this week, USM spokesman Chris […]

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Jan-Emmanuel De Neve and Michael I. Norton have found there’s a signficiant asymmetry in the way individuals experience positive and negative macroeconomic fluctuations: We find evidence that the life satisfaction of individuals is between two and eight times more sensitive to negative growth as compared to positive economic growth. People do not psychologically benefit from […]

In the case of the University of Southern Maine, it is an exhibition of courage and steadfastness—and ultimately delight—on the part of both faculty and students who were able to force the administration to rescind the faculty layoffs and to reconsider the other proposed budget cuts that would have destroyed the “people’s university.”

Good news! The campaign of protests against the unwarranted budget cuts at the University of Southern Maine has been successful: University of Southern Maine President Theodora Kalikow has reversed the 12 faculty layoffs that prompted weeks of protests, saying she’s open to alternative plans for finding up to $14 million in cuts. However, at least […]