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Paco de Lucia RIP

Posted: 26 February 2014 in Uncategorized
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I own many of Paco de Lucia‘s albums and had the privilege of twice hearing him play in concert. He was both an accomplished flamenco guitarist (as above) and an innovative jazz musician (as below).



Flamenco flash mobs—seemingly spontaneous dance and song performances—have been taking place in banks not just in Seville, but all over Andalusia. They are being staged by Flo6x8 to express anger and frustration at the economic crisis.

“At first there is surprise,” says Pepe El Moody’s (a pseudonym), one of the organisers, describing how people in the banks tend to react to these events. “Older people stand terrified in a corner, and mostly the bank employees are sympathetic, because they are suffering in this [economic] situation.”

Interestingly, the flash mobs are reconnecting flamenco with its origins as an art form of protest and social awareness.