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Is there racism in modern football?

There is according to former Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand. And not only in football.

There have been a string of incidents over recent seasons, with CSKA Moscow’s European Champions League tie with Bayern Munich on Tuesday held behind closed doors due to a racist incident in last season’s competition.

Brazilian club Gremio was banned from a cup competition in September after an opponent’s goalkeeper was racially abused during a match.

And Ferdinand thinks heftier fines would act as firm deterrent, with stadium bans dished out to repeat offenders.

“If it’s going to be money, then it’s got to be huge amounts,” he explained. “There’s vast amounts of money in the game so it should be reflected in the punishment.

“If you’re going to hand a Federation a £60,000 ($96,000) fine when that Federation’s pulling in millions a year that is not going to hurt. So it’s got to equate to what they generate I think. Or you ban them from playing in their home country.

“If you say to a country ‘Listen you’re not going to play your national games in your country now after what just happened in the stadium,’ I think the fans will start thinking a bit differently.

“And as I said that doesn’t stop racism. It just stops it in a stadium.

“So that’s why I always talk about a bigger idea on racism and a social element rather than just football but it stops it in a stadium and hopefully that can be then hopefully replicated, maybe, in society.”

But not according to Chelsea manager José Mourinho.

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho says “there is no racism in football”, amid calls to introduce American Football’s ‘Rooney Rule’ to the game in England.

With only two black managers in the Premier League and Football League, such a rule would require at least one black or ethnic minority candidate to be interviewed for each vacancy.

But Mourinho said: “Football is not so stupid to close doors to people.

“If you are good, you get the job. If you are top, you are top.”

Clearly, Mourinho is channeling his inner Milton Friedman.


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