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Special mention



Special mention

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Niall Ferguson, Harvard’s incorrectly political ignorant gay-bashing bloviating right-wing infotainment historian, has now revealed himself to be an apologist for a man who should have long ago been prosecuted for war crimes.

According to Ferguson, writing in the Wall Street Journal, Henry Kissinger (at least in the first half of his career) was an idealist, who “exalted the role of human freedom, choice and agency in shaping the world.” Moreover, Ferguson concludes, “nearly a half-century later, Henry Kissinger’s idealistic analysis still applies.”

While Ferguson does admit that Kissinger’s career was controversial, and that some (such as Christopher Hitchens) have accused him of “war crimes and crimes against humanity,” he never mentions what those crimes were. So, let’s help him.

Here’s a short list (from Omer Aziz):

  1. Sabotaging U.S. government diplomacy to end the Vietnam War
  2. Pursuing an illegal War in Cambodia
  3. Complicity in Pakistan’s genocide in Bangladesh
  4. Aiding the violent overthrow of Salvador Allende’s government in Chile
  5. Abandoning the Iraqi Kurds
  6. Giving the U.S.’s blessings to Indonesian strongman Suharto’s invasion of East Timor
  7. Doing nothing after learning about plans to overthrow Archbishop Makarios in Cyprus and later Turkey’s planned invasion of the island

That’s the list of war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by “idealist” Kissinger for which Ferguson now seems to want to serve as an apologist.