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Now that the semester is over, I was doing a bit of channel-surfing and noticed that both Ax Men (in which “falling trees, bone-crushing equipment, razor sharp lines, lack of attention and sometimes just freak accidents can kill a logger in an instant”) and Deadliest Catch (“the fishermen who risk their lives in one of the most dangerous jobs around”) are still on TV. And they’re right: according to the AFL-CIO’s Death on the Job [pdf], logging and fishing have the highest fatality rates of any occupation.


But what we don’t find on TV are shows about the occupations with the highest rates of non-fatal injuries (police procedurals, in which the “vics” are the only ones ever injured, and Nurse Jackie, in which the injuries are mostly self-inflicted, don’t count): nursing, producing manufactured homes and trailers, local police protection, and working in iron foundries.

I guess we just prefer to watch workers die.