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My essay, “American Hustle,” in which I respond to Kate Bowler’s book, Blessed: A History of the American Prosperity Gospel, has just been published in the Journal of Cultural Economy.

Readers will find a preview here. The first fifty interested readers (actually forty-nine, since I downloaded a copy for myself) can download the text of the entire essay here.

Capitalism VP Poster FINAL

A debate tomorrow at Notre Dame, which will be broadcast on Vantage Point Radio.


My post on the nature of the conflict over Greek debt seems to be getting some notice, here and on the Real-World Economics Review Blog.

Now it’s been translated into Italian.


Well, with the help of my research assistant, I was finally able to update the crisis representations and unequal representations pages of the blog. I hope readers find the charts, graphs, and maps useful. I’ve included the sources for most of them. (For the rest, either I created the charts or the sources are now lost in time.)

We’ve made it back to Fall of last year. More to come as time permits. . .

Travel days

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A few days of travel ahead. No posts then until I return. . .

Travel days

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A couple of travel days ahead. No posts, then, until I arrive. . .

Yo mamma

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If you’re still looking for a present [ht: ja] for that special someone. . .