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Music of the day

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“Money Becomes King” is one of those “pithy, hard-headed songs” the late Tom Petty will be remembered for.

Back when I taught Principles of Economics, I started each class with a musical representation of economic ideas, with songs from a wide variety of musicians ranging from John Lee Hooker and Johnny Cash to The Kinks and The Coup—and Petty.

If you reach back in your memory
A little bell might ring
About a time that once existed
When money wasn’t king
If you stretch your imagination
I’ll tell you all a tale
About a time when everything
Wasn’t up for sale

There was this cat named Johnny
Who loved to play and sing
When money wasn’t king.

We’d all get so excited
When John would give a show
We’d raise the cash between us
And down the road we’d go
To hear him play that music
It spoke right to my soul
Every verse a diamond
And every chorus gold

The sound was my salvation
It was only everything
Before money became king.

Well I ain’t sure how it happened
And I don’t know exactly when
But everything got bigger
And the rules began to bend
And the TV taught the people
How to get their hair to shine
And how sweet life can be
If you keep a tight behind

And they raised the cost of living
And how could we have known
They’d double the price of tickets
To go see Johnny’s show?

So we hocked all our possessions
And we sold a little dope
And went off to rock ‘n’ roll.

We arrived there early
In time to see rehearsal
And John came out and lip-synched
His new lite-beer commercial
And as the crowd arrived
As far as I could see
The faces were all different
There was no one there like me

They sat in golden circles
And waiters served them wine
And talked through all the music
And to John paid little mind
And way up in the nosebleeds
We watched upon the screen
They hung between the billboards
So cheaper seats could see

Johnny rocked that golden circle
And all those VIPs
And that music that had freed us
Became a tired routine
And I saw his face in close-up
Tryin’ to give it all he had
Sometimes his eyes betrayed him
You could see that he was sad

And I tried to rock on with him
But I slowly became bored
Could that man on stage with everything
Somehow need some more?

There was no use in pretending
No magic left to hear
All the music gave me
Was a craving for lite-beer
As I walked out of the arena
My ears began to ring
And money became king.

And here’s a performance, albeit unrelated to economic representations, that shouldn’t be missed or forgotten:

Music of the day

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Music of the day

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Music of the day

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Music of the day

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Music of the day

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Music of the day

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Anthracite Fields, by Julia Wolfe


Special mention

huck2nov 186721_600

Fred Hellerman was best known as a singer, guitarist, and songwriter with the folk group the Weavers from the late 1940s to the mid-60s. During and after the group’s existence, however, he also maintained a varied career behind the scenes in the music industry that included working as an arranger, session musician, and producer. In addition to writing songs for other performers, he also contributed music to motion pictures and the theater.

During the Red Scare, when the Weavers were barred from television, Hellerman was forced to record under the pseudonym Bob Hill.

The usual assumption is that the Weavers started their recording career with Gordon Jenkins at Decca Records, adapting their folk sound into an early-50s popular style but this song, from disc one of Goodnight Irene:The Weavers, 1949-1953, dispels this notion, going back to the quartet’s true recording debut, for Charter Records in 1949.