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Special mention



Back in 2008, the New York Times endorsed Hillary Clinton (over Barack Obama and Jonathan Edwards) in the Democratic primary in an editorial.

These days, the New York Times is continuing its endorsement of Clinton—but on the news pages.

Consider the difference in coverage. Clinton gets a straightforward article on how “she would ‘fight’ back against Republicans, ‘fight’ climate change, ‘fight’ to ‘strengthen America’s families’ and ‘fight’ to ‘harness all of America’s power’.”

Meanwhile, Sanders gets a snide article on his call for a “political revolution of 2015,” which follows on the earlier article (which can only be described as a hatchet job) on how Sanders’s “revolutionary roots were nurtured in in ’60s Vermont.”

Readers can take a look at the articles and let me know if they agree.

My view is, it’s tough enough for a socialist to run for political office in the United States (in contrast to many other “developed” nations). The least we can hope for is balanced coverage of the political campaign in one of the leading newspapers in the country.