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In 2011, the Business Insider Australia put together a gallery of photos from the Second Great Depression. Their justification was that, “In 50 years, when historians write about this period. . .it will be photos like these that tell the story.”

Their idea was to assemble a collection that would serve the same purpose as the iconic photos of the first Great Depression (many of them having been carefully staged, edited, and cropped), which tell a particular story of that time and the people who fell victim to its widespread, dramatic, and devastating economic and social crises.

I decided to do the same for the current economic depression—even though, I fully understand, it’s far from being over. Actually, I started out by musing about the bread lines in the 1930s in comparison to the long lines outside food banks in recent weeks. Later, the idea expanded and I ended up with the following fifteen photos.

Clearly, these do not rise to the level of many of the photos from the first Great Depression, by such famous photographers as Dorothea Lange, Walker Evans, and Marion Post Wolcott. They’re all, with one exception (by Tom Barrett, the tenth one in the sequence, in Milwaukee), copied from online news media.

But together they do tell a story of these times. . .


G.E. employees and their families protest outside of Appliance Park in Louisville, KY

Cars line up in the parking lot at a drive-through food pantry at Woodland Mall in Grand Rapids, MI

A food bank at the Open Door Church of God in Christ in Brooklyn, NY


Amazon employees hold a protest over conditions at the company’s distribution facility on Staten Island, NY


Hew Kowalewski, a furloughed employee of Disney World, stands next to a window of his home in Kissimmee, FL


People who lost their jobs wait in line to file for unemployment benefits at an Arkansas Workforce Center in Fayetteville


Cashiers at a grocery store in Brooklyn, NY


A worker carries Amazon boxes in New York City


A tired healthcare worker is seen by the Brooklyn Hospital Center


Downer Theatre in Milwaukee, WI


34th Street in New York City


Passengers on the 24 Divisadero bus in San Francisco, CA


Central American migrants seeking asylum return to Mexico over the border bridge between El Paso and Ciudad Juarez


A pedestrian walks past graffiti that reads “Rent Strike” in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood


Milwaukee resident Jennifer Taff holds a sign as she waits in line to vote at Washington High School in Milwaukee, WI


Alessandro Portelli, “Harlan County/Kolkata” (November 2016)

by Alessandro Portelli [ht: db] at Jadavpur University in Kolkata

tumblr_nu8bnhl1sY1ubpyeoo1_1280 (1)

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Over the last seven years, Milos Bicanski, an Athens-based photographer, has watched a country that called him away from his native Serbia descend deeper and deeper into a crisis created by a long series of austerity measures.

As Greece’s economic situation has become more tenuous, Bicanski says he’s witnessed a shift in his fellow countrymen. While Greeks once protested — sometimes violently — against their government’s handling of the crisis, now they seem resigned to eking out an existence.

“In the beginning, people still had some money left, still had jobs — unemployment was rising, but there was hope that the situation could be turned around,” Bicanski says. “But the gap between the rich and poor has only grown, with the number of people living under the poverty line increasing drastically. There’s no middle class anymore.”


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Photo of the day

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Addie Card, 11 years old, North Pownal, Vermont, August 1910. Photo by Lewis Hine.