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Special mention

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Special mention

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This is a bit beyond my remit—both because there are others (like Glenn Greenwald) who know much about what the “soft coup” in Brazil means and because I tend not to be a conspiracy theorist.

But I do feel it necessary to bring to readers’ attention the recent Wikleaks revelation that former vice-president and current acting President Michel Temer has been an intelligence informant for the United States.

The cables— marked “sensitive but unclassified”—contain summaries of conversations Temer, a Brazilian federal lawmaker at the time, had with the U.S. intelligence officials.

For example, in a 21 June 2006 cable, Temer expresses his admiration for Lula’s ability to distance himself from the country’s ongoing political scandals while also placating the lower classes:

Michel Temer, President of the Brazilian Democratic Movement Party (PMDB), believes President Lula has done a masterful job of disassociating himself from the political corruption scandals that have crushed some of his closest advisers. He also has effectively expanded social programs to earn the loyalty and support of Brazil’s lower-middle and lower classes.

Elsewhere, Temer explains to U.S. officials how his own party plans to challenge Lula and the Brazilian Workers Party and how he would more closely align the Brazilian government with U.S. interests in Brazil and South America.

This, to my mind and I suspect to many Brazilians, is not merely another scandal or an example of corruption; it is an act of treason.