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Back in 2012, I wrote about the residents of Rio de Janeiro’s favelas (shanty towns) who were being evicted by the Brazilian government on behalf of the organizers of the 2014 World Cup and the Olympic Games now taking place there.


In the place of one such favela, Vila Autodromo, which was once home to more than 500 families, all that remains are “Olympic parking lot tarmac, raw dirt and 20 tiny white utilitarian cottages, built grudgingly by the city as a concession to a core of families who refused to leave even as their homes were demolished.”


But the former residents haven’t forgotten either their old working-class neighborhood or the force that was used to evict them. So, they and their supporters have erected an open-air museum, the Museu das Remoções (Museum of the Evicted). It consists of seven installations built from materials left behind after the demolitions.

Each installation pays homage to a house or building that was demolished, as well as the struggle faced by the residents of the community.

The plan is for the museum to stay open through to the end of the games.

Meanwhile, the slogan “Nem todos tem um preço” (Not everyone has a price) remains visible on some of the free-standing walls of demolished buildings.


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The storm clouds on the horizon continue to gather. Economic growth, in the United States and around the world, continues to slow (or, in the case of Europe, to rise barely above zero).

According to Juan Antolin Diaz’s models,

the probability that the economy is now in a state of strong expansion has dropped from 70 per cent in December 2014 to under 40 per cent now. Over the same period, the probability that the economy is in recession has risen from zero to 14 per cent – still low, but not entirely negligible.

So much for capitalism’s much-vaunted recovery. . .


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This is how labor is being organized in building projects for the 2022 World Cup Finals scheduled for Qatar.

Migrant workers who built luxury offices used by Qatar’s 2022 football World Cup organisers have told the Guardian they have not been paid for more than a year and are now working illegally from cockroach-infested lodgings. . .

By the end of this year, several hundred thousand extra migrant workers from some of the world’s poorest countries are scheduled to have travelled to Qatar to build World Cup facilities and infrastructure. The acceleration in the building programme comes amid international concern over a rising death toll among migrant workers and the use of forced labour.

“We don’t know how much they are spending on the World Cup, but we just need our salary,” said one worker who had lost a year’s pay on the project. “We were working, but not getting the salary. The government, the company: just provide the money.”

Citigroup and Justice

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