Protest of the day

Posted: 26 May 2016 in Uncategorized
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[ht: bn]*

Meanwhile, unions (led by the CGT, the Confédération générale du travailare leading strike actions across France at oil refineries, nuclear power stations, ports, and transportation hubs to protest the labor reform bill the government pushed through the National Assembly without a vote.



*Here is a link to the lyrics of the famous Italian partisan song “Bella Ciao.” And another link to the Nuit Debout orchestra’s performance of Verdi’s “Nabucco.”


  1. mjlovas says:

    I’ve just had a conversation with a Czech friend about liberation and the possibilities for change. Like you, he informs me of things I knew nothing about. And that’s quite independent of any metaphysical disagreements…….It is for me a paradox that somehow these very human things can fail to be known–until someone else speaks……But once they are spoken, they are themselves a little bit of liberation and they lighten the enormous burden of isolation…..

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